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General Surgery
General Surgery   The Department of general surgery in this hospital is well arrayed to handle all general surgical optional and critical cases. The department offers extensive treatment for thyroid and breast disorders, which comprises breast-conserving surgery for cancer of the breast, There are frozen section facilities to ensure effectiveness of tumor resection.
There is a round-the-crock trauma team to cope with a, types of accident victims' A surgeon and anesthetist  are always present for emergency trauma management  supported  by tertiary level intensive care facilities. There is provision for laproscopic surgery for hernia and endoscopic perforator vein surgery for varicose veins.
The Department of General surgery has state-of-the-art facilities. The Department has achieved remarkable and consistent t results in caner, Breast, Thyroid , Vascular ,Trauma, Surgery , Gastroenterology, Hepatoliliary  (Liver, Gail Bladder ,Bile Duct)Pancreas , Endocrine,oncology, Pediatric, Basic cosmetic  surgeries.
Minimal  Invasive procedure for Hemorrhoid (MIPH) / stapled hermorrhoidectomy which is a pain free linstant cure for piles superior to laser and cryosurgery and colorectal surgery including Ana Fissures and fistulae.
surgery for varicose veins.
Thyroid surgery.
Laproscopic  Urachal Cystectomy.

Early diagnosis and, cosmeticaily pleasing surgeries for hernias,appendix, hydrocoeles ancr varicoeles. flap for  pilonidal sinus Biopsies Excision / Incision / CT Scan and U/S guided.

Trauma: Alert and well trained Emergency and Rescue team experts in emergency resuscitation and an excellent ICU with life support systems to facilitate all major trauma surgeries.
All type of GI surgery  with minimal blood toss and tissue damage during surgeries.

Hepatobiliary - Pancreatic: Liver resections, cholecystectomies for Gall  stones and tumors, Pancreatitits treatment, resections and drainage /by pass.

Endocrine: Thyroid, Breast, Adrenal Grand surgeries using micro surgical techniques when required.

Dr Kiran Ingle – M.S
Dr. Kailash Mogal – M.S.
Dr. Jayant Wagh
Dr. Kirloskar - M.S., M.C.H., D.N.B. (Uro Surgeon)
Dr. Madnoorkar (Cancer)
  Services Services
  General Surgery :  
  Entire range of visceral surgeries for abdomen and chest.Special emphasis on Minimal Invasive or Laparoscopy Surgery, Thoracoscopy and Endoscopy.  
  Laparoscopy Surgery  :  
  Laparoscopy surgery for Gallbladder, Spleen, Liver, Inguinal Hernia, Hiatus Hernia, Incisional Hernia, Colorectal Surgery, Appendix, pancreatic, thoracoscopy, cancer surgery, obesity surgery, kidney and adrenal surgery etc.  
  Endoscopy  :  
  Endoscopy for  Esophagus, Stomach, Duodenum, Large Intestine, and Ileum.  
  Colonoscopy, ERCP  :  
  Colonoscopy, ERCP for Endocrine surgery, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals, pancreas. Vascular Surgeries including varicose veins, embolectomy.
Thoracoscopy and conventional surgeries for chest, thymus and mediastinum.  All kinds of trauma emergency surgeries. 
  24 Hour Trauma care.
  All Types of Routine Operations.
  Complete Treatment of Thyroid disorders.
  Laparoscopic Hernia repair.
  Amputation Prevention.
  Procedures for diabetic Foot Infection.
  Stapler Haemorrhoidetomy.
  Specialized unit for diabetic foot Infection care. Amputation rates are negligible.
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