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Pathology Department
Jairam hospitals, 24/7 Laboratory Services was established with a view to provide wide range of Laboratory investigations, necessary for patient care. It consists of disciplines of Haematology, Histopathology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Immunology, All these disciplines provide qualitative analysis of biological fluids such as blood, serum or plasma, tissue, urine, stool, etc... For specific constituents to support Clinicians in the practice of medicine.

Great care is taken to ensure accuracy/ precision reproducibility and prompt reporting with a minimal turnaround time.

The laboratory has state of the art equipment and functions 24hrs a day 7 days a week. It processes about 500 samples a day. It has a staff, who are highly skilled and well trained
All the sub sections of the lab are fully automated and follow stringent quality control measures. Daily internal controls are run several times a day to ensure quality of results, and the laboratory participates in External quality control programs as well.
Tests for Various Infectious Diseases
1. Typhoid
2. Dengue
3. Malaria
4. Pneumonias
5. Urinary Tract Infections
6. Hepatitis markers.
Molecular Biology Tests: PCR for
1. TB - DNA and RNA
2. HIV Viral Load
3. Hepatitis B Viral Load
4. CMV
5. Leptospira
6. HSV
7. HLA Tissue Typing for transplants
1. Routine biopsies for Cancer diagnosis
2. Special stains for diagnosing different disease conditions
3.PAP smear examination
4. CMV
we offer 2nd opinion/review on slides for biopsies done outside.
1. Gynaec exfoliative cytology- PAP smear evaluation
2. Body fluid examination with cytocentrifuge
3. Fine Needle Aspiration cytology (FNAC) procedure & reporting done in the department.
A wide range of investigations in serum chemistry, Hormonal assays & other specialized chemistry are done here.
The Haematology section is equipped with two automated cell counters,Here we deal with various blood banking procedures, detection of parasites in blood ,rapid malaria test detection of abnormal haemoglobin ,detection of blood clotting system defects and numerical  and morphological counting blood cells among others.
Clinical Pathology
The Laboratory carries out various tests  for urine, stool & body fluid analysis such as spinal, synovial a pleural fluid In addition, microscopic detection of red cellss, pus cells , ova or parasites & chemical examinations are also done.
Testing for Infectious diseases such as HIV I & II , tvphoid  fever ,brucellosis, HBsAg , dengue, chikungunya  leptospira' microalbumin' D-dimer & antigen testing for Hepatitis are performed here.
Dr. Joy Mathew (D.C,P MD Pathology)
Ex Asst Lect GMC Aurangabad
15 years experience with specialty in Histopathology